What is the story. Une petite histoire

What matter with you?

Pour le fun : https://ride2019.tunetoo.com/

When you decide to go sailing around the Pacific alone without any specific experience of this Ocean, you look a little bit crazy.
Most of the people dream on visit Osaka or Paris, so my dream is to go sail on Pacific, go to the Cook Islands via New Caledonia, then maybe further across the Philippines during 10 months.

What is the story. Une petite histoire
Make a round trip from Sydney to Sydney but what the road is safe, fun and affordable for my boat and me.
First of all, rule number one follows the win and avoid the tropical storm.

What is the story. Une petite histoire

Rule number two, no blue-water alone over 24 hours.
What is the story. Une petite histoireRule number three, enjoys seeing the wales and great barrier of coral.

For the very beginning, check and try around Newport.. Have a look at Sydney bay, try to make a little money to finish to fix and upgrade the Sagacious II.

If you need to help Ma caisse de bord
Sponsoring is also welcome. (All is now finish just memories).