Wild whales : La beauté de quelques baleines à bosses

One of the most exciting things that occur at the beginning of the trip has been the whale watch. Most of the people have seen a whale during a boat tour. We were lucking to watch by ownself many whales on our trip from end September to the middle of October 2019.

Here there is some picture, even a little far these moments are precious, I love them.

Wild whales : la beauté de quelques baleines à bosses

Peu de photographies en definitives, mais beaucoup d’images gravées dans nos mémoires.

Wild whales : la beauté de quelques baleines à bosses

Queensland : Les baleines à bosses
Fraser Island et Hervey Bay : de fin juillet à début novembre
Région de Brisbane : de juin à octobre-novembre
Byron Bay : de juin à octobre

The most exciting time was when a big one came on the back on Sagacious II. She follows us closer and closer, looks like she needs to impress us. She success, I change my trajectory, an utterly unuseful behaviour, she can also follow us.

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