Be optimistic, watch your step

Are curious & always learning. What are you up to right now? It’s summertime to rest and learn from our previous year, be ready you for new challenges. Two weeks I’m back at work, it looks I never stopped, all is different as a usual loop.

Be optimistic, watch your step
Couché de Soleil

Because I need to start in the right way, I made an in-depth work, analyses my skills, and figure out what I need to do in the next two years. Work in progress, I will take the time to found my objectives. We deal with constant change. Were you surprised if I tell you I worry about we hope to save costs instead of investing in our future?

Let me explains with two simple samples and experiences we already know.

The cost reduction by outsourcing the code development, then, after transformation, the costs saving goal is reached. Change is done; the project is successful.

A few months later, the quality is not in progress, and contractually the costs can start to increase.

Then after some years of deeps thinking, all are back to develop the valuable part internally.

Ok, you think I’m not realistic, negative, French? You are right; sometimes, they are no cost-saving at all.

Be optimistic, watch your step

The second sample, more people consumer-driven: Supermarkets that reduce product buying prices by strangling their local suppliers and importing from Spain or Italy in the best cases. We try to maximize our purchasing power and companies need to keep their margins, no care for the middle term consequences.

Be optimistic, watch your step

Then, regulations appeared, and distribution has been refrained on. They must buy at least a little be more than the production cost and take care of the quality of the foods they import.

In other hands, they also destroyed many small convenience stores, then replace it by their brands.

Be optimistic, watch your step

In this race to short term cost reduction, we always choose the easy way, not about the next step or outcome.

Today, we all trust the cloud, every startup, financial establishments, all kind of services are on the digital way going to the cloud Apple, Aws, Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

In the same way that Europe made Qwant search engine and made possible to leave Google/bing European company strategie can make possible some local cloud alternative.

Be optimistic, watch your step

Now, all European companies and citizen can swap for search engine Qwant; it’s a beginning.

Work on how to use and let it possible to enable emerge an accurate European cloud solution. Reduce the cost now and keep control on long term perspective even when the conflict will occur.

The best way in the hybrid cloud transformation seems to found some service and use case available in European ”small cloud” provider give then the ability to grow up.

Many businesses models are just local market-centric and some part of computing don’t need a high rate of technology adoption to stay competitive.

I like disruption, change, cloud are defined in physical infrastructure own by people who one day will stop to agree with us. Build fast, try, learn fast it’s beautiful, think about not forget too fast what you known.

Be optimistic, watch your step

Enjoy yours holidays.