I’m non stop Make mistakes

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein . What matters is that we learn from our mistakes. So yesterday my last silly mistake.

I used booking.com to get accommodation in Mabul Island rather taking a diving and accommodation Package directly. In this booking way we need to go by ourself from Tawau to Semporna with Taxi will take one hour, then get hotel for a night « sweet home » before go to Jetty and grab a boat to the Mabul Island. The package will have provided a direct boat shuttle to the resort and return.

The truth is that everyone makes mistakes. Smart people admit that. Stupid people do not..

Let’s be honest I think the smartest people don’t necessarily make mistakes. Mistakes are not a way to succeed anyway. In the end is not a big mistake just something more adventurous, and, is also the way I like to go.

Sleep well, be not overconfident, let’s thinks go if you are not able to change it, admit mistake be curious and learn are my hard work rules:-)

bye-bye Langkawi !

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