Monday – what next.

So try to dive then decide that Phuket is not the place to dive. Too far from the spotso too expencive. 5000 bath for 3 dives rather 3000 in kolanta.

Back to see Quizac, she need a small review of the fresh water cooler circuit.. Too much rust inside.

Remove the main sail again to renewal propose also, it is really in bad condition if we get a little more win.

Après cela, baignade à Kao beach, point de vue

et petit restau thai en bord mer et de la route.,98.32523&query_place_id=ChIJKWwXALwoUDAR6SmxYjhqGtU&api=1&hl=en

📍 Current location: 7.77°, 98.33°

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